To enjoy a Samoussa TAÏLOU

Remember that it must be caressed for a long time with your fingertips,
to admire its color, texture and shape,
look at the Samossa and smell its unique fragrance,
listen to the thrill of its crunchy dough, enjoy the succulence of its aroma.
Listen to the beats your heart, paradise is not far.
Then your 5 senses awake and close to ecstasy, close your eyes half-way
and tenderly approach your lips and the tip of the tongue
lightly touch the Samossa to taste its flavor and its promises of happiness.
Then eat: you're not dreaming, it's ecstasy...!

Each Samoussa TAÏLOU is a unique hand-made delicacy
prepared with the best local Reunion ingredients
for the most demanding palates.
We are proud to present it to you!

Victorine TAÏLOU