Here are the drink recommendations from Mrs. TAÏLOU to enjoy her delicious delicacies to the fullest!

SAMOSSAS should be eaten without any particular sauce. Their flavor is best expressed with a PUNCH drink.

REUNION PUNCH is excellent and can be made at home!

You can also go for a slightly bitter drink such as an AMERICANO COCKTAIL.

A simple glass of CHAMPAGNE always remains a great option as well!

The BONBON PIMENT (Chili Sweet) is naturally strong and bold, and goes well with WHISKEY. However, VODKA or RUM will be even better to bring out all the aroma of its spices.

The BOUCHON (steamed dumpling) is eaten very hot with wooden chopsticks and a bit of soy sauce or Chinese chili sauce (fragrant but not too strong, unlike Reunion chili which is one of the strongest in the world). BEER or CHAMPAGNE are particularly suitable and blend well with the warmth and softness of the "Bouchon". But do not forget to try a pairing with a good ROSÉ WINE, such as ROSÉ DE PROVENCE for instance!

On the other hand, if you will eat many varieties of these appetizer delicacies, a good RED WINE is always a safe and delicious option, particularly a MARGAUX, PAUILLAC, or MEDOC which are all wines preferred by Mrs TAÏLOU.

All the delicious products of Samoussas TAÏLOU will bring out the bouquet of a great vintage!

But do not forget the PUNCH!

Of course from Reunion!

Please enjoy all drinks in moderation! Bon appétit!